About SQLAlchemy-Wrapper


  • Make really easy to setup SQLAlchemy
  • Be framework independent
  • Do not hide SQLAlchemy syntax


SQLAlchemy-Wrapper is under a BSD license. It basically means: do whatever you want with it as long as the copyright in SQLAlchemy-Wrapper sticks around, the conditions are not modified and the disclaimer is present.

See LICENSE for more details.

What about Flask-SQLAlchemy?

SQLAlchemy-Wrapper was born as a framework-independent fork of Flask-SQLAlchemy, but there are other reasons to use it instead:

Flask-SQLAlchemy needs a Flask app to get the connection URI and a request context in order to run. This can be cumbersome for testing or standalone scripts.

Flask-SQLAlchemy also introduces a new syntax for queries (eg. User.query.filter_by(username='peter')) that at first might seem more usable but instead forces you to return to the standard syntax (db.query(User)) for things like aggregated selects, sql functions, etc. And the standard syntax does not have the paginator or the special methods (eg. get_or_404).

For all these reasons we prefer to use SQLAlchemy-Wrapper even in Flask applications.